Stuff to do in the Summer

Hey guys, I know it doesn’t look like we’ve been posting at all, but we actually have. There was a technical difficulty and the posts weren’t showing up. Anyways, this post is about what you can do in the summer holidays if you’re bored. This was one of the posts that didn’t get through.

1. Bake

Everyone can bake. Maybe you don’t enjoy it, but some things are quick and easy to make, and of course delicious. If you don’t know what to bake, just look for one of the previous posts that gives you some ideas.

2. Write a story

Writing might not be your thing, but if it is, this is a good idea. You can even re-write one of your favourite books and make it a bit different. (if you do that, you can not publish it)

3. Make a blog

Try what we do! Make a blog, and either post random things or have a theme. It’s actually pretty fun once you know how to do it.

4. Play a board game

Seriously guys, if you don’t have a single board game at home, you should go and buy one. They are great for when you don’t have much energy but you still want to play with something.

5. Give stuff away

If you are still bored now, and don’t want to do anything I have suggested, or anything someone else has suggested, you have too much stuff. I’m not trying to sound like your parents, but if you look at all of your stuff and don’t want to use any of it, you should give it to a charity.

I’m running of time here, so I hope this helps you! I apologize if some of this stuff was said in other posts, I just didn’t have much time to think of other things.

– Emma

Happy Early July 1st and July 4th

Yep! Summer is finally here, with the nice weather, no rain! Tomorrow, it will be Canada day, so for all you Canadians out there reading this, Happy (early) Canada day! There will be lots of parades to visit, so Canada day would be jam-packed. On Friday, it will be Independence Day, so for all you Americans out there reading this, Happy (early) Independence Day! There will also be lots of parades and festivals to visit, and lot of fireworks!

I know I haven’t been posting lately, but I’m sorry. I PROMISE I’ll post daily. So this post I’ll be telling you guys what you can do on Canada day or Independence Day (or both) if you don’t have any plans yet!

If you want to get out of your house and spend a little time outdoors, there are many activities you can do! You can go to parades, have a barbeque or join/visit a community barbeque. You could maybe have a party with your friends, or you could go to a pool and just celebrate Canada or Independence day there! You could go to a park and just hang out there. You could go to the movies and watch some movies and then after the movie is over you can go outside and watch a firework show!

If you want to stay home on those days, there are also many things you can do! Invite friends over, and have dinner. Cook some of your fav. desserts or meals Play some board games like Monopoly, Clue or Sorry! Maybe even play Charades!

That’s all for today!

Hope you guys have an amazing long weekend!


First Day of Summer Equals New Movie

Cover of "Monsters, Inc. (Two-Disc Collec...

Cover via Amazon

Today is the first day of summer, and you probably don’t know what that means, so let me tell you! Today, the sequel to ‘Monsters, Inc’ is out in theatres! If you haven’t seen or heard of Monsters, Inc. Well, you should look it up on Google! It’s a really cool movie, and it’s fun for all ages, even if your an adult! The movie is called ‘Monster’s University’ I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m planning to go on the weekend. ‘Monsters Inc’ is a pretty old movie, but even if you have seen it over a million times, it’s still always exciting. The makers of ‘Monsters, Inc’ is Disney·Pixar. I have seen ‘Monsters, Inc’ since 2001, I don’t think it came out that year, but I’m not sure. Anyways, so this is a must watch for the weekend, well, if you don’t have any plans it would be a perfect solution! The part that I don’t really like about Monsters University is that I’m pretty sure the people who play the main characters (The blue monster, the green one and the little girl.. forgot their names) are different voice actors. Because in the trailer they had sounded different. But if I’m wrong, sorry about that.

So yeah! I haven’t really watched Monsters, Inc recently, so I cant really give you guys a review, but I will give you guys a rate! My rate for Monsters, Inc is ♦♦♦♦♦ (5 diamonds) . Check out the sequel, and when I have watched it, I’ll post a review and a rate!

– Sylvia

Movies and TV Shows You Should Watch Part 2

Prison Break (season 4)

Prison Break (season 4) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feeling up to watching movies all summer long? Well, I certainly am. Here is a list of movies you might like, and if you would like to read more movies, then check our Part 1 post! Some of these movies aren’t in theatres, but you can rent or buy the DVD.

1. Mars Needs Moms

It’s a really fun and entertaining movie. It’s animated, and if your an Alien lover, then you would LOVE this movie!

2. Planet 21

It’s also a really fun movie. It’s also animated, and if you love aliens, then you would love Planet 21.(Available on Netflix)

3. The Walking Dead

Oh my gosh… I LOVE The Walking Dead! Right now, it’s coming back in October with a new season.  It’s about zombies, so if your a zombie lover, gotta check this movie out. Like seriously, you really need to consider watching this. I also heard that a movie is coming out soon. (Available on Netflix)

4. Prison Break

Prison Break…It’s and action-packed tv series, there is also a movie. I didn’t watch the movie though, and this show is really, purely amazing. It’s so addicting. Sad ending… but you know, otherwise it’s really cool to watch. (Just letting you know, this show is for 18+ or for mature audiences.. it includes guns and blood and some drug reference.. Available on Netflix!)

5. Hachi

Please… if your a dog lover like me, please don’t watch this movie! It’s just so sad. I’m not going to tell you what it’s about because I might spoil the sad part. (Available on Netflix!) It’s based on a true story :'(

6. Marley and Me

Also, if your a dog lover this is really sad. Some of you might have watched this or heard of this before because it was a real hit, so that’s why they put it on Netflix and in theatres. It’s not in theaters anymore, but you should watch it.

That’s all for now, and I hope you check some of these out! Netflix is only $9 per month, and you get a free month trial.


Chapter 5- A Story of Hope…Hope Callies

Chapter 5

Hope was laying down on the hospital’s bed, still unconscious. Hope just got to the hospital, and her family didn’t know about the accident yet. The fee for the ambulance and hospital care for $150. Hope’s family couldn’t afford it, but if they did pay for it, they would only have $107 left in their bank account. So it was a must, and her family did pay.

A few hours later, Hope was conscious. Nurses were zooming in and out of Hope’s little room just to make sure she was ok. Well, Hope wasn’t. She had minor brain damage, so she has memory issues, just from walking into that pole. Now,  Hope had nothing to do in the hospital, all she did was just lay down and listen to the nurses from different rooms.

Another few hours, and the nurses contacted Hope’s family. Justin picked up the phone. The nurse told Justin what happened, what’s wrong with Hope, and the fees for the ambulance and hospital. Justin said ‘Thank you’ and hanged up the phone. He was now in a bad mood; because of the money their family has lost, their mom, Justin and Casey would have to work 2 times as more now.

A few days later, Hope could go home now, since she’s all better and has recovered. She still has the memory loss, and she doesn’t even know it. Tomorrow is school, for Hope has to deal with people talking about what had happened, and asking Hope questions about the incident.



Pets You Should Consider

Conure IMG_7921

Conure IMG_7921 (Photo credit: OZinOH)

Are you looking for a new addition to your family? I’ve got some ideas of great animals to have as pets! Oh, and sorry that we haven’t been posting lately, this will change soon.

1. Parrots

Have you even considered having a parrot? Well, now you are! Specifically, I’m talking about Conures. They are a GREAT pet! I have quite a few of them myself. They can talk, go on your shoulder, they’re very playful, and they’re quiet!

2. Kittens/Cats

Kittens are loveable, playful and oh so adorable. If you’re going to get one, make sure you get them from your local SPCA. It’s just more humane that way.

3. Puppies/Dogs

Puppies are really cute, lovable and they can be trained as a guard dog or train them for pet shows. Puppies are my second favorite animal, and if you going to buy one, please buy them from the SPCA.

4. Hamsters

Hamsters are just adorable. I can’t say they’re quiet though, because at night they are awake and they go and run on their wheels. My hamster, Fern, recently has died.  They don’t live very long, they only live up to 1-3 years. Fern died at 2 years old.

5. Rabbits

Rabbits are really cute, and they are much more quieter than Hamsters. But they are REALLY messy.. so if your ready to adopt a rabbit, make sure if you have the supplies….

6. Horses

I know horses don’t live in your home, but they are really nice animals. You can rent/ buy some land for your horse. You can train them for shows, ride them.. you can basically do anything with them!

7. Fish

They are very quiet, and they live pretty long, and they are really cool to look at. My personal favorite is  fresh water fish.

Sorry about a short post, but it’s 8:20pm so I’ll make a new post tomorrow, and make Chapter 5 of Hope Callies.

And if your for sure going to get one, PLEASE make sure your getting them from the SPCA or your local animal adoption center.


Best Summer Clothing Stores

Don’t know where to get fashionable clothing for the summer? Cute shorts, nice tank-tops, colorful skinny jeans or just plain old accessories? Well, I’ll tell you now. This post is also similar to the post Emma made, the ‘Top 5 Girl Clothing Stores‘ But in this post, I’m going to tell you just some of the summer accessories they have.

1. Aeropostale

They have ALOT of  summer clothing for cheap. Just so you know, Aeropostale  always has things on sale, and it’s a pretty good bargain. Aeropostale isn’t only a store for ladies, but it’s a store for men too! They have laced shirts, cute shorts, skinny jeans (also they have designs on them) normal shirts (usually around $7 in the US!) and nice earrings, hair accessories etc!

2. Ardenes

I mean seriously, Ardenes is probably one of the first stores you would want to go to. The reason for that is because I think the shorts are just absolutely fabulous. They have different color bases and it’s just amazing. You should really check it out soon! I know this has nothing to do with the summer fashion, but they have LOADS of scarves. They also have a whole wall dedicated to flats (shoes) and flip-flops.

3. Hollister /Abercrombie & Fitch

These 2 stores are very similar on the outside and inside, not to mention the clothing. But the only real difference is that Hollister is WAY cheaper than Abercrombie & Fitch.. But anyways, these stores ALWAYS all year round, have summer clothing. They have really nice shorts, cardigans, skinny jeans (different designs!) tank tops, shirts, flip-flops, etc etc. There’s just way too many things to name.

4. Forever 21

This shop has really nice, modern and elegant looking things. It’s just…. so many nice things in there, you cant just pick one. The prices are also pretty reasonable, and they sell lots of summer clothes and accessories there. Like flip-flops, flats, tank tops, shirts, laced , cardigans, skinny jeans and shorts!

5. Marshalls

Marshalls has MILLIONS of different clothing selections, especially for the summer  season. There are loads of racks, and it’s basically like a treasure hunt. Also, there’s very reasonable prices, and loads of cute dresses. Jeez, it’s like summer paradise in there… ;)

6. Garage

This store is always up to date with the newest fashion styles. So this store is also a must. I especially love the tank tops and shirts… I also love the shorts and skinny jeans!

7. Bootlegger

This shop is more for adults, and less for teenagers unlike the other ones above. This shop has very cheap prices for again, modern and elegant looking summer clothing. Stay modern and elegant this summer!

8. Stiches

This store is really nice, and again, especially for the summer. If you have seen people walking around with those really cool, dinosaur or any other creature sweaters that are saying something, that’s probably where they got it from. Also, Stiches has a HUGE rack full of colored jeans! Ranges from 0-00 in size. Also, very funny sweaters and t-shirts. But anyways, back to the summer. They also have very nice shorts for a reasonable price.

9.  Payless Shoes

They have really nice flats and flip-flops for the summer break! It’s so hard to choose just one… They also have nice scarves, hair accessories, hand bags, purses and earrings!

10. Claire’s

Most of you must of heard of Claire’s! It’s just awesome for seasonal clothing. It’s mostly an accessories store, it has loads of girly things, nice earrings, hand bags, purses, and phone accessories. It’s really cool to wear their accessories in the summer. Also, if you don’t have you ear’s pierced yet, don’t worry, Claire’s can do ear piercing.

I hope I helped you with the hunt of fashionable clothing stores for the summer! Don’t forget that some of these stores has boy + men stuff..

These shops are also located in Canada and the USA… sorry about that.



Save Water for Our Future

The surface of a freshwater lake

The surface of a freshwater lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently, with the Run For Water campaign, I’ve come to a point. We need to save our water. Water is NOT a renewable resource. Yes, we can make salt water from the oceans into fresh water (drinking water) but it will cost too much money to invest in.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Run For Water, let me explain to you. Run For Water is a campaign that’s goal is to save up enough money to make wells and water pipings to the poor countries where there’s little (dirty water) or no water at all. Places like Ethiopia, are in need of water. Millions of people in Ethiopia die of harmful diseases from the dirty water they drink from. So Run For Water is doing something about this. They already put some wells and water pipings in some parts of Ethiopia, and it has been a success.

Every year, we can run for water! Basically, we can run half a kilometer, 1k,2k,5k and a marathon (10k) . You don’t always have to run, you can sprint, run, jog or walk! I’m not to sure how they get the money from running, but all I know is that you can donate. Sadly, the Run For Water is done for this year, sorry about posting this late.

What can we do about this?

It’s pretty simple. Just don’t use as much water as you are. For example: When your washing your hands, don’t keep the tap running while your scrubbing the soap on your hands. Or, when your brushing your teeth don’t keep the tap running all the time. Like I said, it’s really is easy. Don’t take long showers, and switch to the new toilets (sorry, but I had to mention that) The new toilets have 2 flushes. So it will save water when needed.

How is water not a renewable resource?

Well, like I said, there’s only so much of fresh water left on Earth. Apparently, there is 9% of fresh water (rivers ,lakes, streams etc), and the other 91% is salt water (oceans) Eventually, all the fresh water on Earth will be consumed; not in this century though (hopefully). Anyways, the reason why it’s not a renewable resource is that you cant make water, can you? The answer is yes, and no. You can melt the Artic and Antarctica. But when that’s all gone? You can create water with all forms of gases. But when that’s all gone? Exactly. Nothing is left to make water, and the human race and every other animal and all the plants will be extinct forever. Yep, that’s right. Extinct.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be extinct. If you didn’t get what I was trying to point out.. here’s what our teacher has for an example for us-

“A kid rubbed a genie’s lamp and the genie came out of the lamp and told the kid he had 3 wishes. The kid asked for all forms of water on Earth to be gone (liquid, gases and solid) . So the genie made the wish come true. All forms of water are gone on Earth. The kid told the genie his second wish: For him to have a glass of water. So the genie made his wish come true. And for his third wish, the kid asked for a power that could, every time he kid clapped his hands, for him to get a glass of water (or fill anything up with water). Now, with all 3 wishes gone, the genie sunk back down into the lamp. How could you get water?”

The answer is simple, ask my teacher for some! Or, you can ask him to fill up an ocean, a river or anything. So otherwise, you cant get the water back.

Some more info…

Us North Americans take water for granted every single day. USA more than Canada though. Whenever we go take a shower or brush our teeth or wash our hands, we never think about the fact we are taking up so much water! Kids and Adults in Ethiopia are badly needing that water we are wasting.

Now, every time you use water, think about this post, we need to save water today, and for years and many generations to come!


Ice Cold Summer Treats to Make

Pina Colada Cupcake

Pina Colada Cupcake (Photo credit: Miss Millificent)

Yes, obviously from the amount of posts we have done about summer, you can tell we cant wait ’till that day the break starts!  So on the first day of your summer break, you can make a whole bunch of some nice cold treats; whether its a drink or a popsicle! (hint hint)

1. Lemonade

No, not just plain lemonade if you don’t want something original. You can make strawberry lemonade, orange lemonade, peach lemonade. Just be creative, and you can create any sort!

2. Cocktails!

You can make cocktails for a nice summer drink! I’ve never made any sort of cocktails, but I’ve heard there fantastic for the summer.

3. Piña Coladas

Piña Coladas have a more tropical feel to it. So, if your reading this in Hawaii or some where that’s tropical, or your going there, then you must make some!

4.  Fruit Smoothies

Personally, fruit smoothies is my 2nd favorite, lemonade coming in 1st.  You can make fruit smoothies from literally and sort of fruit. Dragon fruit, kiwi, apple, pine apple, orange, peach, banana, grapes, strawberry and lots more! Don’t forget you can also make vegetable smoothies.

5. Create Your Own Drink!

Summer is meant to be fun, so why don’t you make it fun? Creating your own drink is really fun and easy. Maybe you want a lemon drink, so you can squeeze lemons for their juice, add sugar and water and then add ice cubes. Then put a lemon slice on the side, and don’t forget to add a straw! See, it’s simple as that!

6. Popsicles

Popsicles are a original, but very easy to make summer treat. You can buy these popsicle trays at your local super market and then pour any type of juice into it! ( For example, if you want Sunny-D popsicles, pour Sunny-D into them, or you can put strawberries into a blender and pour that into the trays) Then put the popsicle tray in the freezer, and voila! In a couple of hours you will have your very own,-home-made popsicles.

7. Ice Cream Sundaes

I absolutely love ice cream sundaes! Just get vanilla ice cream (or any other flavour you want) and then put ice cream syrup on top, you can even add some sprinkles, candies and lots more!

8. Or Make Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream cones are great to, if you don’t have any of the Ice cream sundae ingredients. Try different kind of ice cream flavors to mix things up!

9. Drink an Ice-Cream Float!

Ice cream floats are honestly really sweet and rich tasting. One of the flavours I have tried is Pepsi. But there are many different kind of floats, so in the summer, you can try lots!

10. Frozen Yogurt

Yes, probably everyone who have been reading this and  saw ‘Frozen Yogurt’ must be thinking right now ‘Menchies’ Menchie’s is a great place to get frozen yogurt. I’ve heard that its the best and its really good. I’ve never went there before though, so yeah. You can also check out other stores, if you don’t want to try Menchies or if Menchies isn’t near you.

So that’s all for now. I think that’s all of it… well all I can think of right now. I hope I’ve helped you decide which one to make.. or to make all of them!

– Sylvia

Chapter 4- A Story of Hope…Hope Callies

Chapter 4-

Today was Friday morning. Hope had to go to school yet again. Hope just had enough. Now she had 10 friends, because she decided that Delilah isn’t worth it anymore. So Hope got out of bed and she got dressed and made her self breakfast. Everyone in the family was dead tired, from all the working they had to do. None of them were in the mood for talking, neither was Hope.

On her walk to school this morning, she surprisingly found Lauryn walking as well.

“Hi Lauryn…Why are you walking to school this morning?” asked Hope.

“Hi,” replied Lauryn, “Oh, I just wanted to walk because I wanted to walk with you.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, because I’m split up with everyone this year as well. Looks like your not the only one.”

“No, Delilah has all her friends with her!”

“Nope. She made them on the first day of school. Seems to me that she didn’t want to be a ‘loner'”

“Well, I don’t want to be Delilah’s friend anymore. She’s useless to me now!” Hope said, stomping out into the crowd of students.

While Hope was fuming from the conversation her and Lauryn had, she wasn’t  looking where she was going and she basically just stomped into a telephone pole. Few people laughed at her, and most of them said, “Oh my gosh, are you okay?” or “Are you okay, Hope?”

Hope wasn’t okay. She was knocked out. This was just outside of the school, and a couple of students from the crowd went to go get the school nurse and the principal. Principal Skye wasn’t here today, so it was a one-man-job. The school nurse really didn’t know what to do, because she wasn’t prepared to have someone knocked out at 7:45 AM. Lauryn ran to Hope, and she bent down on her knees and began to shake Hope back and forth. Lauryn got the permission from the school nurse to dial 9-1-1, and she did.

The ambulance came, as well as 2 police officers and a fire truck. Hope got quickly sent to the ambulance, while the police officers were investigating the scene and asking questions; Just to make sure it wasn’t on purpose. Lauryn said it wasn’t anybody’s fault, only that Hope stomped into a telephone pole on accident. The police officers then sent the ambulance away and the fire truck, then a couple minutes later after asking some more questions to the school nurse, the police officers were then sent away.